Beyond full stack

The strength of our services lies in our ability to think in terms of our clients’ actual needs. On this page we have gathered a high-level description of what we can offer to our clients as product development services.

Full stack development

As we normally know, the concept of full stack in software development means that the developer is able to program the entire value chain from available data, through backend processing to web and possibly mobile user interfaces and APIs.

This concept is fine as a term, but what if you also must develop the device itself, firmware programming, circuit board design, or talk to other devices through some other system’s bus protocol? These kind of R&D projects requires wider knowledge from the developers and clients.

Turn-key solutions

On the other hand, if it were a question of electronics design, our activity would correspond to a tem called turn-key solution, which is a factory production service where the customer outsources all aspects of the physical product development to an external operator who does the necessary development according to the needs definition.

Generally speaking, the final product development itself, such as the full stack development mentioned above, is usually excluded from the service. Our company is specialised in being as service provider for both of the above roles.

Business development

Our clients’ needs are usually related to development of something new, and they have a lot of great ideas to conquer the world. Like our own products, they are usually the result of long-term research and development. Therefore, our customers are usually experts in their field who would like to bring the results of their development work to the public. However, a common problem, in addition to the above-mentioned product development services, is all the issues and questions related to productization:

  • What are the elements in the value chain of the system or service to be produced and how could customers use the resulting processed information to support their business?

  • How is this processed knowledge shared with all parties in the value chain in a way that also delivers long-term economic benefits to the system owner?

  • How will the customers of the product or service to be produced discover the product and internalise its benefits for their business?

Our customers appreciate the fact that our company is able to identify with their role based on its own experience and to think about the product development process also from the perspective of the wider business development process. In this way, their own Go-To-Market plan also becomes clearer.

Not a Marketing house

We know nothing about marketing, and we are bad at it. It’s great if our clients have a vision of what, for example, the user interface or how their company brand should look like when we start a project with them. We use the brand guidelines that are available as our tool from the clients. However, sometimes these are not available, of course, because there is no product to market yet. However, it is important for product development that our developers are aware of these types of things, because without them, the end result will never match the customer’s vision. For this reason, we strive to cost-effectively produce the necessary visual rules at the product development stage to help our client move their project forward. In some cases, our clients like the colour and design language of our designs so much that they don’t want to change it later on.

Supply chain management

When the product development process is successful, it results in an MVP product (Minimum Viable Product). This product usually allows our customers to test the market with their first customers. The next challenge for our customers comes in the manufacturing process and management of physical products and Supply chain. We help our customers to solve how and where to manufacture products, how to manage and maintain the production process in scalable way.


There can be many different types of local requirements when launching a physical or software product in different target markets. Although we are a company with a wide range of expertise, we do not carry out certification inspections ourselves. We always outsource them or refer our clients to our partners for the certification processes.

As you can see, our company specialises in a more extensive product development process than usual, which enables us to offer our services to companies and ideas at different stages of product development. Over the years, our team has provided services to start-ups, listed and international corporations, as well as to the product development needs of university research. If you have any needs to take your product development project or idea to the next level, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Us