Meet The Team

We are team of five professionals with extensive international experience in product development, network technology, telecommunications, IoT, SW & HW development, sales & marketing.

Photo of Vihtori lehtonen

Vihtori lehtonen



+358 405281184

Long R&D experience of electronic devices and wireless systems. Past 10 years specialized in team leading, product development, user experience, and company operations.

Photo of Jyri Loukola

Jyri Loukola



Architect of all. Experienced Network Engineer with history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Research, native coder, strong IT professional.

Photo of Mirka Kannisto

Mirka Kannisto



Calculus, thats the word to discribe everything. Contracts and invoicing. As an experienced accountant, I focus on keeping our company’s records up to date and in order.

Photo of Anttoni Riikonen

Anttoni Riikonen

Front-end Developer

Artist of the team. When it comes to UI it’s usually him who makes it look good. Without his knowledge and contribution, our product’s UI would be just a black screen.

Photo of Teemu Lambacka

Teemu Lambacka

Back-end Developer

Back-end Wizard. The engine room is where the magic happens. Spells would be useless without this Wizard.